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How to eat healthy: 10 golden rules

How to eat healthy: 10 golden rules

Countless scientific studies have shown that a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential in maintaining health and preventing many diseases. Here are 10 golden rules on how to eat healthy.

aquafitness water activities

Aqua fitness: 5 Tips for doing water activities

Summer is approaching and with the warm season there is a greater desire to move, also to achieve physical fitness. The sultry heat of many areas, however, makes physical activity even more tiring, especially if carried out indoors. Here then is that water activities can become a valid alternative. Here are our tips.


How to stretch to stay supple!

Stretching comes from the English verb “to stretch”, which means to stretch. This technique is still used today to improve muscle flexibility. Let’s see together how to stretch correctly.

how to reduce cooking salt

14 Tips on how to reduce table salt

Experts speak for themselves: Italians consume an average of 10-15 grams of salt per capita per day, an amount 2-3 times higher than the physiological needs of the body. How to reduce table salt? here are our tips.

Summer diet: 16 Tips for the arrival of summer

Summer diet: 16 tips for the arrival of summer!

During the winter we tend to overdo it with food, arriving at the summer season with a few extra pounds. A correct diet, in quality and quantity, and a little daily exercise can be a valid help to regain physical shape and allow you to return to your size. Here are 16 helpful tips.

5 Tips for a correct posture of the spine

5 Tips for a correct posture of the spine

The spine is an integral part of the skeletal system and, as such, has the function of supporting our body, protecting some very delicate internal parts, for example the spinal cord, and contributing to the movement possibilities of the torso. Let’s see some tips for maintaining correct posture.

Abs exercises at home

Abs exercises at home

The abdominal exercises have the advantage that they can also be done at home, with some precautions. Let’s see together how to tone your abs at home.

allergy to pollen

Allergy to pollen? 10 Tips for the right diet

For those suffering from pollen allergy it is very important to know the allergy to the type or species of plants and the relationships between plants and plant foods, so as to be able to avoid consuming foods that can give a cross-reaction during the period of pollination. Here are 10 tips for a right diet.

The benefits of physical activity

The benefits of physical activity

Physical activity must enter into our daily life, just like other needs, such as nourishment or rest. Our culture must change, which often leads us to seek comforts, to the detriment of our health. Let’s see the benefits.

Change of season: the right foods

Change of season: the right foods

After the winter, our immune system must take action to free itself from the toxins accumulated due to a greater sedentary lifestyle, a diet generally higher in calories and fat, stress and pollution.
Adequate nutrition can help reduce symptoms, especially those related to fatigue and difficulty concentrating, it can help us eliminate accumulated toxins and regain the energy to regain physical shape.

Neck pain remedies through exercises

Neck pain remedies home through exercises

It will also have happened to you to feel the characteristic neck pain from time to time, with more or less pronounced intensity. Let’s try to understand the causes and possible remedies together.


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