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Total Body Food
Benvolio designs accessible and innovative solutions in the Food sector creating products designed for the maintenance of wellbeing.

From almond oil to fractionated liquid coconut oil, a line of oils suitable for cooking and in the cosmetic field.



Total Body Food Wellness Products Wellbeing

The concept of “Total Body Food” arises from the need to provide the right daily intake of nutrients for both the personal health of body, skin and hair, and for nutrition , enriching a low carbohydrate diet.

This concept is embodied in the flagship product of the line which is Squeeze Liquid Coconut Oil . Coconut Oil is one of the most sought after SuperFoods thanks to its healthy properties for nutrition and the countless cosmetic uses for hair, face and body.

It is rich in saturated fatty acids , predominantly Caprylic Acid with eight C-8 carbon atoms and Caprinic Acid with ten C-10 carbon atoms. Helps control appetite , supports normal brain function and aids in digestion . In addition, this oil is ideal for supporting stamina and the immune system .  It has notably become a popular supplement among athletes and body builders.

Another versatile product of this line is Linseed Oil , which has two beneficial effects for our body. The first is nutritional, with a daily intake of 2 g of alpha-linolenic acid (Omega-3). It is recommended to take a teaspoon of flaxseed oil in the morning on an empty stomach as a remedy for constipation and to use it as a raw condiment.

The second, on the other hand, concerns the cosmetic field as it is a natural oil suitable for all hair types. It has an anti-frizz effect, counteracts the formation of split ends and is also ideal for fragile hair. It can be used both as a restructuring pre-shampoo on dry hair and as a nourishing mask on damp hair.

Liquid Coconut

Liquid coconut oil squeeze has a double use: it is suitable in the kitchen to give energy to your dishes and to prepare bullet coffee. It is also suitable in cosmetics as a moisturizer for the body, nourishing for the skin and for hair care.

Products designed for
maintenance of wellbeing

Liquid Coconut Squeeze Total Body Food

We create products designed for the maintenance of wellbeing for greater balance, harmony and improvement of your life.

We focus on people, on the need to involve them and take charge of new needs by observing behavioral habits, which is decisive in the creation of new products so as to define a new model of balance .

Benvolio designs accessible and innovative solutions in the Total Body Food sector, creating an “intimate” relationship with its customers, helping them to solve their daily habits for their psychophysical balance with knowledge and creativity.


Perfect oils for your beauty
daily routine

The oils of the Total Body Food line are ideal for your daily beauty routine : they can in fact be used for treatments, packs and masks for face and hair.

Depending on their properties, these oils strengthen, nourish and moisturize skin, nails and hair, improving their health. By using these products every day on a regular basis, your body will get health benefits outside as well .

Benvolio cosmetic vegetable oils will become your best allies for the care of your body providing all those needs it needs.

Some of them, such as liquid coconut oil squeeze and almond oil, are versatile , meaning they are used both to care for the beauty of the face, body and hair, and as nutritional supplements rich in nutrients.

In our Magazine you will find many articles on how to use these oils in the best way to enhance their properties, while in the Recipes section you will find many exquisite ways to use them in the kitchen.

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