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Sustainability as a lifestyle

Sostenibilità Sustainability

360-degree sustainability

In Benvolio, the main objective is to bring the highest quality products to our consumers’ tables with innovation and sustainability , in short, sustainability as a lifestyle. Our vision, however, is not limited to offering excellent products, but consists in combining, in every aspect of our business, high quality standards with equally high ethical and sustainability principles , and this is also manifested in the selection of packaging materials.

Benvolio packaging has been selected to best preserve the sensory and nutritional characteristics of the product and respect the environment.

Extremely versatile material, as it is particularly resistant to shocks and light, ensuring lower transport costs and environmental impact compared to other packaging materials. It is durable and has a low environmental impact, as it can be recycled indefinitely without losing its original qualities.

It guarantees total protection of the product from light, air, humidity and microorganisms, thus slowing down the natural oxidation process. This means that Benvolio oil, when it arrives on your table, has exactly the same properties it had just produced.

Unlike glass, tin is impact resistant
practically unbreakable and the oil, in case of accidental bumps to the package, will still be protected.

Sustainable Pack

The choice of sustainable packaging

There are many ways to define the commitment of companies that decide to include the social and environmental dimension in their business , as well as the economic one.

The most effective, however, is “corporate sustainability”. Because it is clear, precise, and immediately refers to the concept of sustainable development , as specified by the United Nations Global Agenda for Sustainable Development (Agenda 2030) and the related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or SDGs, in English). Within these objectives there are all the priorities at the international level: safeguarding the environment, fighting poverty and hunger, eradicating inequalities .

Such a strong reference to global challenges is important not only for large companies with a strong international presence, but also for smaller ones that operate mainly in the national or local context. Because every company , regardless of the size and scope of activity, is part of an increasingly globalized system that impacts and by which it is impacted. And the resources it uses, in particular the natural ones, belong to a single planet, which we must all commit to safeguarding.

Speaking of product sustainability, in fact, we have decided to implement innovative and conscious choices, bringing products that symbolize sustainability to the market. From the bottle to the cap, including the label, they become our flags of responsible ecology and sustainability. Our packs are totally recyclable, the papers we use are FSC certified, so as to ensure greater responsibility for us and our consumers.

Sustainable Bottle Pack


Sustainable Pack Cap


Sustainable Pack Label


Metal and Glass

TIN BOTTLES – TIN PLATE (ACC) 100% Recyclable – waste cans

GLASS BOTTLES (GL) 100% Recyclable – glass waste

Caps and capsules


ALUMINUM CAPS (ALU) with PLASTIC insert (LOW DENSITY LDPE-POLYETHYLENE) 100% Recyclable – plastic and cans waste

PLASTIC CAPSULES (PVC-POLYVINYL CHLORIDE) 100% Recyclable – plastic waste


PLASTIC LABELS (PP-POLYPROPYLENE) 100% Recyclable – plastic waste

ANTI-OIL PAPER LABELS (PAP) 100% Recyclable – paper waste

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