Organic Canola Oil 500ml


Discover the incredible versatility of BENVOLIORefined Canola Oil in the kitchen.
Packaged in a handy 500 ml bottle, this oil is perfect for a wide range of cooking methods-from stir-fry to bake and stir-fry dishes.
You will enjoy a unique flavor without an overpowering smell, making it the ideal oil for a variety of dishes.

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Healthy ingredients and benefits
for a healthy life


Did you know that …

Benvolio 1938 Organic Canola Oil is produced from a careful selection of the best rape seeds belonging to the Brassica napus L. and Brassica campestris L. varieties from organic farming. Obtained from a cold pressing process. This process, combined with the organic cultivation of the seeds, allow you to bring to the table a 100% pure and natural oil, which tastefully respects the well-being of your body.
campo di fiori di colza

Cosmetic use

Benvolio 1938 Organic Canola oil is considered an excellent ally of the scalp as it helps fight dandruff, prevents hair loss and prevents the ends from breaking.
It will also give shine and hydrate the hair up to the root.
fiore di colza giallo


Benvolio 1938 Organic Canola Oil is made up of an important lipid component, and also has an optimal ratio between Omega-3 and Omega-6 and phenolic compounds.

Among vegetable oils, it is the one that contains the lowest content of saturated fatty acids (7% of the total composition). Contains Vitamin E and other important micronutrients such as phytosterols and tocopherols which have an antioxidant action .

100% organic

Benvolio 1938 Organic Canola Oil is obtained from seeds coming exclusively from 100% certified organic plantations. Benvolio 1938 pays particular attention to the selection of organic seeds and fruits to produce the best organic oil! Benvolio has been involved in researching the best seeds and oils since 1938 and guarantees the quality and quality of the product throughout the supply chain.

Canola oil... A thousand uses!

Cooked and raw vegetables

Fried fish
Production of vegetable fats

Taste the difference

Our secret is to have no secrets.


This oil appears light yellow in color, delicate on the eyes and on the palate.


A delicate taste is what differentiates this oil.


A neutral scent that does not cover the flavor of your dishes

Inspiration by Benvolio

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Benvolio 1938 Organic Canola Oil has a very neutral taste, which means it can be used in multiple culinary preparations.
Benvolio 1938 Organic Canola Oil is obtained by cold mechanical extraction without the use of solvents, with subsequent filtration (and purification takes place in a steam current instead), from a careful selection of the best Canola seeds from 100% organic farming.
Benvolio 1938 Organic Canola Oil comes from a careful selection of the best canola seeds from 100% organic farming from the best Italian, European and other plantations, depending on the seasonality of the harvest.
We decided, after various ethical considerations of environmental impact and convenience, to use only tin (steel) packs. This material is in fact totally recyclable, more resistant to shocks and lighter than glass. The cap is made of totally recyclable plastic.
Benvolio 1938 Organic Canola Oil contains a low erucic acid content (2%) amount regulated by law. (the contents in Canola cultivated for food use are generally below 0.5%)