100% Italian Sunflower Oil 750ml


Benvolio 1938 sunflower oil, with a light and delicate taste, is obtained from a careful selection of 100% Italian sunflower seeds.

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sunflower oil

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Did you know that …

Benvolio 1938 Sunflower Oil is naturally rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids ( Omega-6) , which contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. Rich in Vitamin E , which protects cells from oxidative stress damage. With this product you bring taste and well-being to the table!

Cosmetic use

Benvolio 1938 Sunflower Seed Oil boasts antioxidant and soothing properties, helps repair and protect the skin, also excellent for sensitive skin. It nourishes and gives elasticity to the skin.


Benvolio 1938 Sunflower Oil is produced from a careful selection of the best sunflower seeds belonging to the Helianthus annuus variety. Our product is processed and bottled in Italy .

Sunflower oil... A thousand uses!

Vegan mayonnaise

Oil bread
Light biscuits
Apple pies
Various toppings

Taste the difference

Our secret is to have no secrets.


the color of this oil is yellow with shades that tend to a harmonious amber.


The adjectives that we can attribute to this oil are certainly fragrant and lively.


A pleasant and light perfume with slight olfactory references to almond.

Inspiration by Benvolio

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Benvolio 1938 Sunflower Seed Oil is suitable as a raw condiment or for light sautéing. We do not recommend its use at high temperatures as this would lead to a loss and alteration of the nutritional properties of the product.
Benvolio 1938 Sunflower Seed Oil, with its light and delicate taste, is an excellent substitute for butter in the preparation of desserts, without altering the flavour and providing better nutritional characteristics.
Benvolio 1938 Sunflower Seed Oil is a refined product.
We have decided, after various ethical considerations on environmental impact and convenience, to use only tin (steel) packaging. This material is totally recyclable, more impact resistant and lighter than glass.
Benvolio 1938 Sunflower Seed Oil is naturally gluten-free.