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Benvolio Joyl
Train yourself to wellness!
Joyl, the line of Seed Oils
enriched with 5 vitamins,
it is the right choice for those who follow an active life and are attentive to their well-being.
Benvolio Joyl

All the oils of the Joyl line are bottled in tin packs, in order to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the oil, protecting it from sunlight and oxygen. The ergonomics of the product and the new design of the cap allow instead not to waste the oil and to pour exactly the desired quantity, with great practicality and simplicity.

The Made in Italy shines through in the quality of the products and the high design with which our bottles of the Joyl line have been designed.

An oil rich in nutrients, for a higher level
of happiness and mental well-being.

The oil of the Joyl line is a VeganOk, Kosher, Gluten Free, and Friends of the Earth certified product (Certification of agricultural and livestock products
that guarantees compliance with the strict chain of custody from which it is possible to trace the approved origin). It also does not contain GMOs.

A short and responsible supply chain : Joyl products are created to meet the needs of all consumers who seek and wish to live with well-being , training, always setting new goals and objectives to be achieved in order to improve their physical condition and health.

Benvolio Joyl
Benvolio Joyl

Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are of fundamental importance to prevent and combat mood disorders . It is in fact recognized that certain foods are able to decrease some symptoms related to anxiety and depression, and therefore can help us regain a good mood .

There are many mechanisms that connect nutrition and mood: among these, the introduction of the energy needed daily to face the day is of particular importance; the introduction of vitamins and micronutrients useful for the proper functioning of the nervous system; the increase of serotonin , a brain neurotransmitter (ie a brain chemical mediator) which serves to control mood and make us feel better.

A new wellness routine

  • Carbohydrates: they are our body ‘s preferred ready-to-use energy source. They must provide about 55-60% of the total daily calories.
  • Proteins: they are a source of amino acids, in particular tyrosine and tryptophan, which help improve depression and concentration.
  • Fats: among them, the fatty acids of the Omega series (in particular 3, but also 6 and 9) should be privileged since they improve brain functions.
  • B vitamins, folates: water-soluble, they are all useful for brain functions and necessary for the production of serotonin .
  • Vitamin A, Vitamin E: fat-soluble, excellent antioxidants, have a protective function on neurons and the brain.
  • Vitamin C : water-soluble, it is a powerful antioxidant .
  • Vitamin D: Deficiency in this fat-soluble vitamin can cause feelings of sadness and apathy.
  • Magnesium, zinc, selenium, chromium: increase serotonin and melatonin levels and improve mood and sleep quality .
  • Iron: Low levels of this nutrient cause fatigue and apathy as the latter is involved in the transport of oxygen .

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