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Benvolio creates products designed for
maintaining the Well Being:
for greater balance, harmony
and improving your life.
Discover the Benvolio 1938 Method.
Benvolio Benvolio 1938

Behind the goodness and genuineness of Benvolio oil there is the story of an Italian family that has made quality a tradition. Ritual gestures, respect for the raw material, enhancement of the territory but above all passion .

Since 1938 the Dal Sasso family has dedicated itself to oil processing in an authentic and skilful way. The unique taste of Benvolio oil is due to something that goes beyond the fruit itself. In every drop of oil there is a unique balance: the one that brings together the experience of the fathers and the innovation of the children. There is a controlled and certified production chain: the one that tells all the taste of a 100% Italian oil.

Italian taste and well-being:

we are committed to making informed choices

Today, as in the past, Benvolio 1938 represents a company that embodies all the positive qualities of the country’s style and culture. The products are true ambassadors of Italian taste which is recognized both nationally and internationally.

The secret to good cooking lies in the quality of the basic ingredients: it is precisely for this reason that every day we strive to seek the best from nature, to offer you a natural, healthy product at the service of your health .

In fact, every drop of our oil contains the experience, quality and passion that have accompanied the Dal Sasso family for almost a hundred years and that have allowed us to bring to your tables a good, genuine oil that is attentive to the well-being of all. the family.

Benvolio Studio Wellbeing For A Balanced Life


Benvolio Benvolio 1938
From the splendid landscape of the Marca Trevigiana, our brand has never stopped its constant search for quality. This is how it has won, tin after tin, the trust and esteem of customers and professionals in the sector. This is why we are proud to say that we wrote many pages of our history, all Italian, together in your kitchens, where you welcomed us as one of the family. When you bring our oil to the table you bring all the best of nature.

Learning to love Organic:
well-being has never been greater.

Certainly we can derive significant benefits from organic farming: it is sustainable from an environmental point of view because it maintains biodiversity, does not use chemical inputs and GMOs throughout the supply chain, committing itself to maintaining and increasing the fertility of the soils, and takes care of the natural well-being.

We add that it is sustainable from a social point of view, because it produces quality food, it does not intoxicate the producer or the consumer; finally also from an economic point of view, because it maintains production over time, creating less dependence on external inputs and favoring the short supply chain.

We consider the latter an ethical and responsible choice , because we want to offer our customers a high quality service and product, striving to improve it day after day. We start from our tradition to meet innovation, which can allow us to ensure you the best.

In short, from seed to pack, we want to have a responsible and natural approach. Only the raw materials born from the expert hands of farmers who have chosen to work the land in full respect of the rhythms of nature become Benvolio oils , to guarantee the quality and safety of our products.


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