Pozzi Carnaroli Classic Rice


Discoverauthentic Pozzi Classic Carnaroli Rice, theItalian excellence awarded by Gambero Rosso. Cultivated with passion in the heart of Pavia, each grain holds a story of tradition and quality. Perfect for risottos that enchant the palate, our rice is a celebration of genuine flavors and atimeless agricultural heritage.

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Pozzi Carnaroli Rice 100% Italian

Top Italian Food

Pozzi Carnaroli Classico Rice, awarded “Top Italian Food 2022-2023” by Gambero Rosso, is grown and processed in the same year to ensure freshness and quality. This rice is distinguished by its creamy texture, ideal for risottos, and a rich, enveloping flavor.

Did you know that …

The Carnaroli rice plant has a distinctive and unique feature: its very distinctive “mustache.” This mustache is not only a physical distinguishing feature, but also a symbol of purity and quality. This aspect helps distinguish Carnaroli rice from other varieties and emphasizes its excellence. In addition, the Carnaroli plant reaches a height of about 1.60 meters, making it quite tall by rice standards.
These peculiarities help make Carnaroli rice one of the most popular varieties for making risotto in Italy and around the world.

ENSE Certification

It guarantees that the rice is 100% pure Carnaroli rice, ensuring a high quality and wholesome product.


  1. Freshness and Naturalness: Grown and processed in the same calendar year without aging, ensuring maximum freshness and naturalness of the product.

  2. Consistency and Absorption: Has an ideal consistency for creamy risottos, with an excellent ability to absorb broth, sauces, and other liquids while maintaining shape and flavor.

  3. Rich Taste and Enveloping Fragrance: Provides a rich taste and distinctive fragrance, enriching any dish.

  4. Sustainable Cultivation: Grown with the use of natural fertilizers and environmentally friendly cultivation practices.

Rice Wells... A thousand uses!

Creamy truffle risotto

Rich seafood paella

Sushi with fresh fish

Cold rice salad

Cinnamon rice cake

Taste the difference

Our secret is to have no secrets.


It has a warm amber color, suggesting its premium quality and natural manufacturing process.


Rich and full flavor, a perfect synthesis of delicacy and depth, making it ideal for dishes where rice is the protagonist, such as risottos.


It exudes an enveloping and inviting fragrance that anticipates the pleasure of tasting, contributing to a complete sensory dining experience.

Inspiration by Benvolio

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Pozzi Carnaroli Classico Rice is a high-quality type of Italian rice known for its creamy texture and rich flavor, ideal for risottos and gourmet dishes.
It won the “Top Italian Food 2022-2023” award from Gambero Rosso, a testament to its excellence and superior quality.
It is grown using natural fertilizers and traditional methods in Cascina Cirano, ensuring sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation.
This rice has an excellent ability to absorb liquids such as broth and sauces while retaining its shape and flavor during cooking, making it perfect for creamy, rich risottos.
The recommended ratio is 3-4 cups of liquid for each cup of rice, with a cooking time of about 18-20 minutes, varying depending on the recipe and cooking method.