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Our method

Our Method

Research and development

We guarantee consumers a quality product

Through our method, we at Benvolio guarantee our customers high quality products. Every year at Benvolio we invest in innovation , in the creation of new products and in the improvement of existing ones. Commitment to research and development is our priority to satisfy customers all over the world by offering food solutions that live up to their expectations.


The secret of our quality has never been a secret

Only the raw materials born from the expert hands of farmers who have chosen to work the land in full respect of the rhythms of nature become Benvolio oils. To guarantee the quality and safety of our products we have developed the Benvolio method which is based on two principles:

  • Food traceability : the ability to keep track of the product at all levels of the supply chain, from the field to the table.
  • Traceability : the ability to trace the history of the product from the table to the field.

The concepts of traceability and traceability were born to protect the health of the consumer, but they also have important feedback on the market. The greater availability of data and information related to the product translates into an improvement in the efficiency of the supply chain processes, the effects of which can be found in terms of:

Consumer loyalty , more attentive to the control of the purchased product and the transparency of the information connected to it.
Better inventory management and reduction of food waste, increasing sustainability.
Consolidation of supply chain relationships , as well as the opening of new market windows.

Benvolio Our Method


To make the Benvolio method transparent, we have chosen blockchain technology

Blockchain is a technology that aims to win consumer confidence in what they eat. This technology stems from greater attention to the origin and safety of products , and from the need for transparency of information along the entire agri-food chain by today’s consumer.

It is a data and information register system in the form of non-modifiable blocks, which makes it possible to trace a product along the entire supply chain . The blocks give rise to a safe, effective and above all transparent chain.

All those involved, including the consumer, become participating actors, being able to access the content of the blocks from every level of the supply chain in a totally transparent way by reading a QR code that they will find on our label.

Benvolio Our Method


They guarantee the quality and goodness of our products

Benvolio Our Method

The oils of the Benvolio Organic line come exclusively from certified and guaranteed organic farming. IT Certification Body BIO 007, operator code J45O.

Benvolio Our Method

It is the most widespread standard that guarantees the consumer precise ethical and environmental characteristics of the product. Guaranteeing that the single VeganOK branded product (Self-declared environmental assertion, 3.1.16), compulsorily present on the label of each registered product, complies with the VeganOK specification (Explanatory declaration, 3.1.7), available on the website www.veganok .com.

Benvolio Our Method
It guarantees the safety, quality and legality of food products for their involvement in the food chain.
Benvolio Our Method

The STAR-K branded Benvolio oils guarantee respect for Kosher ethics.


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