Grapeseed Oil Cold Pressed 100% Italian 750ml


Benvolio 1938 Grapeseed Oil, with a sweet and delicate taste, is a expeller-pressed grape seed oil from the best grape seeds from 100% Italian agriculture . Rich in Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) and Vitamin E.

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Olio di Semi d'Uva 100% Italiano 750ml
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Benvolio 1938 Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil has a light flavor and contains a high level of polyunsaturated fat. Grapeseeds are a byproduct of the wine industry. Once all the wine has been produced, the winemakers gather all the seeds, dry them and bring them to their local oil mill in Italy. Since the seeds are so tiny and abrasive, powerful machines are required to crush them. The process is very time-consuming since the seeds contain less than 10% oil. All Benvolio 1938 oils are 100% all-natural, expeller-pressed and free of any chemicals.

As one of the richest natural sources of linoleic acid, Grapeseed oil can do wonders when it comes to fighting heart disease and bad cholesterol. Linoleic acid is a member of the polyunsaturated fatty acid family. These fatty acids tend to blend with cholesterol in the blood and transform it into something the body knows how to get rid of. Grapeseed oil can also be used in skin products, aromatherapy and cosmetics.

Benvolio 1938 Grapeseed Oil is extremely versatile and can be used for grilling, frying, sautéing, and baking.

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Did you know that …

Benvolio 1938 Grape Seed Oil is obtained by cold pressing of a careful selection of the best grape seeds belonging to the Vitis vinifera variety from 100% Italian agriculture.

Benvolio 1938 grape seed oil, obtained by cold extraction from the best grape seeds from 100% Italian agriculture , with sweet harmonic fragrances, is best expressed raw as a dressing for salads, for the preparation of sauces and

combined with delicate dishes. Thanks to its high smoke point (245 ° C) it is a perfect oil also for the preparation of light sautées .

Cosmetic use

Benvolio 1938 Grape Seed Oil is also considered an excellent cosmetic oil for skin packs for face and body thanks to the content of polyphenols and vitamin E, which with their antioxidant properties help to delay skin aging caused by sun and atmospheric agents. Also excellent as a massage oil.


Benvolio 1938 Grape Seed Oil is naturally rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids ( Omega-6) , which contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. Rich in Vitamin E , which protects cells from oxidative stress damage. Obtained through a delicate cold pressing process that respects the properties of the seed. This process allows you to bring to the table a 100% natural oil, which tastefully respects the well-being of your body.

Grape seed oil ... A thousand uses!

Delicate sauces
Grilled vegetables
Stewed fish
White meat
Light ceilings

Taste the difference

Our secret is to have no secrets.


the color of this oil can range from golden with light green reflections to bright green.


The taste appears as a light and delicate oil, with some sectors of hazelnut.


A sweet scent, with a hint of almond, enriches the culinary experience of this oil.

100% Italian

From the seed to the bottle, we guarantee the Italian character of our grape seed oil, in fact the grape seed is harvested and processed entirely in Italy.

Wellness oil

Our Italian Grapeseed Oil is rich in Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) and Vitamin E, it helps rejuvenate inside and out!

Cold extraction

The production process of our grape seed oil maintains the nutritional properties of Italian grape seeds unaltered.

Versatile oil

Grapeseed oil is perfect as a raw condiment and in the kitchen thanks to its high smoke point, therefore perfect for light sautées.


Olio Benvolio was born in Veneto in 1938 from the passion for oil that the Dal Sasso family has been handed down for almost 100 years. This great story, combined with the continuous search for quality, guarantees a healthy, good and genuine product. Our company was born with grape seed oil and this product has characterized and differentiated us from the very beginning of our history.

Inspiration by Benvolio

Do you have any questions we haven't answered?

Benvolio 1938 Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil is obtained from a careful selection of 100% Italian Grape Seeds.
Yes, our oil is cold-pressed because we are keen to preserve its nutritional properties. It is obtained by mechanical extraction without the use of solvents, followed by filtration and purification in a current of steam.
Benvolio 1938 Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil is suitable for raw or lightly fried condiments. We do not recommend its use at high temperatures as this would result in a loss and alteration of the nutritional properties of the product. It can however be used, with excellent results, for frying and sautéing, using the oil only once thanks to its very high smoke point (245°).
We have decided, after various ethical considerations on environmental impact and convenience, to use only tin (steel) packaging. This material is totally recyclable, more impact resistant and lighter than glass.
Grape seed oil varies in colour depending on the colour of the raw material from which it is extracted (grape seeds) and which it partly retains in the finished product. The colour varies from yellow to bright green.