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Abs exercises at home

We often “experience” it: one of the parts of the body where you get fat most easily is the abdomen . It depends on genetic factors, which determine the physical constitution of each of us, on eating habits, which if they are not healthy and adequate, cause the reserves of fat in our body to increase, and on physical activity, which if not sufficiently targeted and constant does not help to balance the calories introduced.

Abs Exercises At Home

From this point of view, abdominal muscle toning exercises are very useful , not so much to achieve the envied “turtle”, but rather to improve posture and prevent back pain .

So, if you intend to reduce what is above the abdominal muscles, the fat wall, abdominal toning exercises are definitely recommended, but alone will not be enough, a balanced diet and aerobic physical activity will also be needed to burn the muscles. excess fats.

The abdominal exercises have the advantage that they can also be done at home, with some precautions. First of all, precisely because of the delicate position of these muscles, located in the area anterior to the lumbar spine, it is absolutely necessary to place your body in a safe position, as regards the lower area of the spine . It will also be essential to safeguard the cervical tract with a correct position of the head during the execution of the movements that involve lifting the head and the back from the ground.

Furthermore, breathing must be kept regular for the entire duration of the work. The number of repetitions will initially be 12-15 per exercise and may increase depending on the level of training. The rhythm of execution is better if slow , to be able to control the position of the body, guarantee the correct execution of the movement and the regularity of breathing.

Abs Exercises At Home

Here are 10 examples of abdominal exercises at home:

  • Supine, lower limbs bent in support on a chair, to reduce the risk of tension in the lumbar spine, hands at the temples, remove the upper part of the body from the ground, keeping the space of a fist between the chin and the sternum, to avoid stiffening of the neck. In this regard, it can be convenient and effective to place a tennis ball under the chin and hold it for the entire execution of the work.
  • Same starting position, take your upper body off the ground, trying to bring your elbow closer to the opposite knee.
  • Supine, lower limbs resting on a chair, upper limbs along the body, lift the lower limbs and slightly detaching the buttocks from the ground, bring the knees to the chest.
  • Supine, lower limbs bent but no longer resting on the chair, right angle between thighs and abdomen, hands at temples, keeping the upper part off the ground, extend first one leg forward and then the other, alternately.
  • Ditto, but going with the elbow to the opposite knee, while the other leg extends forward.
  • Supine, upper limbs resting on the ground outwards, hands at shoulder height, lower limbs flexed to the chest, bring the knees together to the right and left, without resting them on the ground and without moving them away from the abdomen.
  • Supine, lower limbs stretched high, upper limbs along the body, scissors the tense lower limbs bringing one leg forward-down and at the same time the other towards the chest.
  • Same but keeping the upper part of the body off the ground and the upper limbs towards the legs upwards, keeping the space of a fist between the chin and the sternum, to avoid stiffening of the neck (if you still want to use the tennis ball under chin).
  • Supine, knees to chest, right angle between thighs and abdomen, upper limbs stretched towards the knees, upper part off the ground, pedal with both legs, keeping the space of a fist between the chin and the sternum, to avoid stiffening of the neck . (or even use the tennis ball).
  • Prone (abdomen down), elbows resting parallel to the ground, under the shoulders, remove the chest, abdomen and knees from the ground, resting on the elbows and feet. The head should be kept in line with the back and the back with the pelvis. Avoid curving the lumbar spine. Maintain the position for at least 10 seconds.

To learn more about the abdominal muscles click here .

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