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Lower back pain: how to prevent it

People often complain of back pain and, while doing it, place their hands in the lumbar region, as if to signal the exact point where the pain is felt. And it is precisely the lumbar tract, that is the one located in the lowest part of the spine , which is most subject to tension, contractures and pain, as it is subjected to greater loads.

Lower Back Pain: How To Prevent It

The risk factors for lumbar back pain are different

Incorrect attitudes maintained for a long time, vertebral crushing due to trauma or incorrect body positions, intense efforts and movements performed incorrectly, poor control of the spine during work or sports, pathologies of the spine or skeletal system in general, overweight and low physical activity.

To reduce the risks of back pain, we can remember some simple rules :

  • if you lift weights, you need to use the lower limbs, bending them, therefore trying to safeguard the correct posture of the spine; just think that if you lift a weight of 10 kg with the legs slightly bent and the spine straight, the spinal muscles will have to produce a force of about 141 kg; if the same weight of 10 kg were lifted with the legs straight and the torso flexed forward, the spinal muscles should produce a force of 256 kg;
  • if you remain standing for a long time, the position with legs slightly apart is recommended, to better distribute the load on both limbs, without bending or rotating the spine;
  • when you want to sit down from the supine position, it would be better to pass from the side, that is, when lying down, turn on your side and then, with the help of your hands in support, lift your torso ;
  • if you train in the gym, always pay attention to the posture assumed during the execution of the movements;

There are also practical tips on exercises you can do to prevent back pain or to try to relieve it.

Lower Back Pain: How To Prevent It

Exercises to relieve tension on the intervertebral discs:

  • supine, back to the ground, perform stretches of the lumbar muscles , for example by bringing one knee to the chest, using the hands, keeping the other limb bent and resting on the ground; alternate the lower limbs (at least 30 seconds per limb);
  • raise both knees to the chest and hold the position hugging the knees (at least 30 seconds);
  • supine, place your bent legs on a chair and stay in position (at least 30 seconds);
  • the same, leaning both lower limbs against a wall , from the supine position, creating a 90 degree angle between the thighs and the torso.

Spine mobilization exercises:

  • from the quadruped position, hands and knees on the ground, look forward upwards , creating a “saddle” in the lumbar region (“tail up”) and immediately afterwards, look between the knees, pushing the back up (cat’s hump with “Tail between the legs”).
  • From supine, with the lower limbs bent and resting on the ground and the upper limbs also resting on the ground, away from the body, bring the knees to the right and left , without lifting the feet completely off the ground, but tilting them sideways, while the basin rotates.
Here are some examples of correct and incorrect postures during common daily activities:
Lower Back Pain: How To Prevent It

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