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Living alone: what eating style to follow

Nowadays there are many and more and more singles, for reasons of work or study, by choice or because of situations that arise in the course of life. However, most of them, especially males, tend to follow a somewhat unbalanced diet. Those who live alone, in fact, often eat “what happens”, without giving the right importance to the time of the meal.

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What are the most frequent mistakes made when you go to live alone?

  • Young singles often eat meals away from home and favor the consumption of ready meals, aperitifs or happy hours, pizza, especially ethnic take-away dishes , sandwiches. Furthermore, they do not give importance to the regularity of schedules and pay little attention to the organization of shopping and meals.
  • Older singles and older singles, on the other hand, often follow a monotonous diet that does not meet nutritional needs because they prefer not to cook, their food choices vary little and make up their meals especially with rather sweet tasting foods such as, for example, bread and cheese or coffee with milk with dry bread or biscuits.
Living Alone: What Eating Style To Follow

Since a correct diet is a priority, it is good to plan the management of meals responsibly . The key points for a balanced and healthy diet for those who are single are:

  • the supply of food, that is the expense , which should include the purchase of food or ingredients essential for cooking in a healthy way : vegetables, fruit, fish, legumes, eggs, meat and poultry, milk and derivatives, rice, pasta, potatoes , extra virgin olive oil and / or corn, grape seed or sunflower oil. It is advisable to buy foods such as cheeses and cold cuts in single-portion packs, planning their consumption 1-2 times a week. If you don’t have much time to shop, you can buy frozen foods such as fish fillets or ready-to-cook vegetables. It is advisable to avoid or limit as much as possible ready meals , which are unhealthy due to their content in fats, salt and preservatives;
  • simple preparations are recommended for meal preparation! As for the first courses, seasonings based on vegetables, aromatic herbs and spices are recommended; the latter can be fish fillets or portions of meats (including poultry) ready to cook in a short time or eggs, simple to prepare in a few minutes. We must not forget to consume adequate portions of raw vegetables (in salads, in dips …) or cooked;
  • the splitting of food into 3 main meals (breakfast-lunch-dinner) per day plus one or two snacks, if desired;
  • the daily consumption of 2-3 fresh seasonal fruits, varying their colors , at main meals or as a snack;
  • adequate and prolonged chewing , to better digest and assimilate food;
  • compliance with meal times , to regularize digestion times;
  • the variety of food choices , to ensure the supply of all the nutrients necessary for the body.

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