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Exercises to do with elastic: some examples

Training with bands and rubber bands is a fun and practical way to exercise upper limbs, lower limbs and trunk, whether in the gym or at home. With the force expressed by our muscles it will be possible to stretch the elastic or the band, taking advantage of the resistance it offers. For this type of training it is important to remember that the return phase must also be checked , when the elastic returns to its original length. We avoid the “snap” return and, on the contrary, thanks to the tension of our muscles, we gradually bring the elastic and our body back to the starting position.

Exercises To Do With The Elastic: Some Examples

There are bands of different intensity, distinguished by various colors and, therefore, suitable for all levels of practice. If they need to be purchased (they can be found at affordable prices in any sports shop or on the web) it would be better to start with those of medium-low intensity and then move on to the more rigid ones. If there are shoulder pathologies, it is better to use the first ones.

These tools have an elasticity that favors movements for both the upper and lower limbs. They can therefore become a good alternative to the stick which, on the other hand, does not vary its length and can be of support especially for those with muscle and joint stiffness.

Exercises To Do With The Elastic: Some Examples

Here are some examples of exercises

  • from the standing position place the elastic on the back, hold the extremities with the arms stretched out, hands at shoulder height, then bring the arms straight forward, pulling the elastic (10-15 repetitions). The exercise is used to tone the pectoral, back and upper limbs muscles;
  • from the standing position, legs slightly apart, elastic under the feet, grasp the end of the elastic and, with straight arms, bring the hands out, away from the body (10-15 repetitions). Exercise tones the shoulder muscles;
  • To train the back muscles: while seated, legs stretched forward resting on the ground, elastic under the feet, grip the extremities and, starting with the hands at the hips, bring the elbows backwards, keeping the shoulders down (10- 15 repetitions);
  • supine, back on the ground, lower limbs up, tie the elastic to the ankles, feet are starting at least shoulder-width apart, push the legs out, spreading them as much as possible (10-15 repetitions). This exercise trains the abdominal and adductor muscles of the thigh.
It is always good to remember, during the exercises, to breathe regularly, avoiding apnea.

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