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11 Tips on what to eat to keep fit

It is now well established that a balanced diet is necessary to keep fit and healthy. However, due to daily stress, the influence of advertising and misconceptions generally due to a lack of knowledge of food, some food errors are very common in the population. The most frequent mistakes that are often made unknowingly concern the quantity, quality and distribution of food during the day.

11 Tips On What To Eat To Keep Fit

What to do to keep fit: the most common dietary mistakes

  • Excessive consumption of simple sugars (sucrose), mainly contained in sweets, sweets and drinks;
  • excessive consumption of salt and foods that contain it;
  • excessive consumption of animal fats ;
  • excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages ;
  • poor introduction of dietary fiber due to the reduced consumption of vegetables and fruit and the excessive consumption of refined foods;
  • avoid the consumption of foods that are sources of carbohydrates (pasta, bread, etc.);
  • abolition of breakfast and the habit of skipping lunch, concentrating the introduction of food in the evening meal;
  • Continuous “picking” of food during the day;
  • eat quickly , chewing little on ingested food;
  • focus attention exclusively on the calorie content of foods, without considering their composition;
  • follow “do-it-yourself” diets or the same diet as your friend, neighbor, etc. What
11 Tips On What To Eat To Keep Fit

What to eat to keep fit: our advice

To keep fit you need to:

  • Reduce the consumption of sugar, sweets and sweets in general ; limit as much as possible the consumption of soft drinks, syrups, fruit juices and sugary drinks in general;
  • limit the use of table salt and the consumption of foods that contain it (sausages, cured meats, cheeses …);
  • favor the use of vegetable origin condiment fats, in particular extra virgin olive oil, corn oil , sunflower oil, grape seed oil , preferably raw on food and in moderate quantities;
  • avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages between meals ; limit their consumption during meals, according to the Italian food tradition;
  • regularly consume a side dish of vegetables with meals and 2-3 fruits a day ;
  • consume adequate portions of first courses and / or bread , in order to provide the body with the right amount of energy needed;
  • adequately divide the meals during the day , to better distribute the caloric and nutrient load;
  • chew well and for a long time the bites of food ingested , to promote the sense of satiety and to digest better;
  • limit the portions of food;
  • maintain adequate daily hydration (drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day);
  • learn to read product labels , which are useful for making correct choices and purchases.
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