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What to eat at lunchtime at work

For many of us, eating out every day during our lunch break is a must. When a canteen is not available, the alternatives can be a bar, a diner, sometimes a restaurant or a trattoria and, very often, the same office where you work. Generally, the time available for the lunch break is very short and corresponds to about half an hour, in the best of cases an hour.

What To Eat At Lunchtime At Work

It is therefore very important to carefully choose the foods to be consumed, so as not to get heavy and not to compromise the ability to concentrate at work in the remainder of the day and, over time, the state of health.

Cosa Mangiare In Pausa Pranzo Al Lavoro

Let’s see some useful tips on what to eat on your lunch break at work

  • Eat in company, to unplug and ensure that the break is useful for our body and for the productivity of afternoon work;
  • eat your meal, if possible, in a room other than the office where you work so that the lunch break is really a useful time to recharge your batteries;
  • do not eat in front of the computer or at the work table;
  • if you have to eat in the office, ventilate the room before having your meal ;
  • chew well! it is good to remember that the difficulty in digesting and the sense of “heaviness” are often linked to the speed with which one eats ;
  • during lunch, it is advisable to avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages and drinks rich in simple sugars such as soft drinks, preferring instead the water that should be introduced throughout the day, in quantities of at least 8-10 glasses;
  • for the composition of your meal choose simple foods, little manipulated , which also have the advantage of being more adequate from a nutritional point of view and more digestible;
  • avoid prepackaged foods (eg breaded cutlets, meatballs, etc.);
  • never skip breakfast which, when you eat lunch at work, becomes even more important ;
  • eat a small healthy snack in the middle of the morning : 5-6 almonds or hazelnuts, a fruit, a yogurt, a few cherry tomatoes, a fruit mousse;
  • remember that an excessively small lunch can cause excessive food intake at dinner , especially if you do not have a small snack in the afternoon;
  • if the lunch must consist of a sandwich, avoid always consuming it with cold cuts, but alternate “the stuffing” , for example, with chicken breast, tuna, salmon, a slice of roast, avoiding the addition of mayonnaise or other sauces. If possible, accompany the sandwich with a portion of vegetables and water;
  • if it is possible to heat the meal, it is good to organize yourself in such a way as to be able to consume unique dishes by combining, for example, cereals and legumes or by combining boiled rice with meat / fish and / or vegetables or preparing a savory pie with vegetables and ricotta;
  • when planning the meal that will be consumed at work, it is necessary to take into account what you will eat during the other meals, in order to manage your eating day in a healthy and balanced way ;
  • always vary the food choices, to ensure the supply of all the nutrients necessary for the body ;
  • if the time available for the break allows it, it is advisable to take a few steps before resuming work .

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