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Toning exercises with tin cans

Train indoors and do toning exercises without tools? With tins it is possible. We take two cans of canned peas, chopped tomatoes or beans, and hold one in our right hand and one in our left hand. The weight is minimal, about 1/2 kg each, therefore our two “small tools” can be used safely by everyone.

The strength of our muscles can be trained in several ways. The two best known are the following: with natural load , where the weight to be countered is that of one’s own body, or with the use of external weights or machines with weights.

Toning Exercises With The Cans Exercises At Home

Furthermore, it is possible to affect muscle strength by acting on the number of repetitions for each movement, on the speed of execution of the movement itself and on the recovery times between one series (set of several repetitions) and the next. Before starting any workout, including muscle toning, it is essential to warm up for a few minutes, preferably with dynamic muscle activation exercises. The work with the two jars is aimed at the muscles of the upper limbs, with the involvement of the pectoral and dorsal muscles.

Toning exercises: Warm- up (10-15 repetitions per exercise):

  • From the standing position, lower limbs apart, bring the shoulders up and down;
  • Then bring them back and forth;
  • Make circles with the shoulders, forward and backward;
  • Move the upper limbs stretched forward up and back down (oscillations);
  • Bring your arms out, up to shoulder height and down (lunges out);
  • Draw large circles forwards and backwards, first with one arm and then with the other (circles).
Riscaldamento In Casa Esercizi Di Riscaldamento

Toning exercises: Training with cans (3 sets of at least 15 repetitions per exercise, with 1 minute of rest between sets):

  • Bring both arms out at shoulder height, hold for a few seconds and bring the arms back down;
  • bring both arms forward, at chest height, hold for a few seconds and bring the arms back down;
  • placing the hand with the jar upwards, locking the elbows near the hips, bring the jar to shoulder height, flexing the forearm on the arm;
  • starting with the arm up, near the head, bring the jar towards the opposite shoulder, keeping the arm behind the head;
  • bring both arms forward at chest height, out at shoulder height and down;
  • with candlestick arms, semi flexed and out, right angle between forearm and arm, bring elbows and hands forward and return with arms out;
  • starting from the arms down, bring the jar behind your back and return with the arms down;
  • alternating forward swings.

Since the movements are performed from the standing position, it is important , during the entire execution of the training, that the spine does not arch in the lumbar spine with incorrect postular attitudes , as compensation for the work of the other superiors.

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