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How to relax tired feet after the day

They bear all of our weight for hours, they carry us around the world covering miles and miles… but in the end they too require care and attention. So, whether you want to free yourself from the tiredness of the day, desire to relax or simply to take care of yourself, here are some practical suggestions to “pamper” your feet.

How To Relax Tired Feet

The first way may be to resort to foot reflexology, the technique that dates back to ancient civilizations according to which in the sole of the foot there are points to which various organs of our body correspond. As is known, according to this discipline, by intervening appropriately on those points, benefits are obtained for the organs themselves and for the systems they consist of (to find out more, click here ). Contacting a reflexology expert is comfortable, but even the simple self-massage of the foot immediately gives a sense of pleasure to the whole body. Want to try? We can use a small tool, such as a tennis ball, or simply our hands.

Come Rilassare I Piedi Stanchi Dopo La Giornata

How to relax tired feet: some tips

We start by walking barefoot, it would be better on surfaces that are not too smooth and cold, alternating the walk on the toes (forefoot) to that on the heels, then we continue the walk by performing the “roll” of the alternating feet: we start with the support of the foot to the ground with the heel, the whole plant is then supported and the thrust on the forefoot ends. These movements are carried out thanks to the contraction of the calf muscle and allow the blood to push from the bottom up, thus favoring the return of the blood to the heart and reducing the risk of swelling in the feet and legs (to learn more click here ) .

Then let us stand still, in an upright position, with our hands leaning against a wall, to keep ourselves better in balance. We place the tennis ball under the right foot and exert a light pressure of the foot on the ball:

  • we bring the foot back and forth, keeping the ball under the longitudinal line of the sole of the foot (at least 10 times per foot);
  • we make small circles clockwise and counterclockwise (10 in one direction and 10 in the other with each foot).
NB If excessive fatigue is felt on the lower limb still on the ground, perform the same work while seated.
Sitting on a chair:
  • imagine having to pick up small objects from the ground with the toes, thus performing flexions of the fingers (10 times);
  • we place the right external malleolus (external part of the right ankle) on the thigh or knee of the left lower limb. With the right hand we grab the lower part of the right leg, towards the ankle, with the left hand the foot, and we carry out some circles, again drawing clockwise and anti-clockwise circles (10 in each direction);
  • from the same position, we try to gently insert the fingers of the hands, with the exception of the thumb, between the toes, in order to keep the latter more separate from each other and perform flexions of the fingers downwards and extensions towards the ‘high (10 movements);
  • we massage the sole and the instep with both hands and again, using the two thumbs, we draw small circles along the longitudinal axis under the foot, from the bottom of the fingers to the heel and vice versa (2 minutes);
  • with the right hand we grasp the upper part of the foot and with the left hand the lower part, then we gently perform the twisting movement, defined as a “helix”, as if we wanted to “squeeze” the foot (10 times).
Always repeat the entire sequence with the other foot.

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