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Happy Hour Italian aperitif: advantages and risks

In recent years, especially in big cities, Happy Hour has become a real fashion , particularly popular among young people. In Italy, compared to the Anglo-Saxon countries of origin, the happy hour starts later and continues until 9 pm, accompanied by rich buffets made up of various dishes, hot and cold.

Happy Hour Italian Aperitif: Advantages And Risks

What are the advantages?

  • It is certainly an opportunity to meet people and to socialize ;
  • it can be useful to relieve the stress accumulated during the working or study day;
  • it represents an inexpensive alternative to an expensive dinner at a restaurant and for those who do not want to prepare dinner at home due to laziness, tiredness or because they cannot cook.

What risks?

During happy hour, all the rules that should be followed for a healthy and balanced diet are generally transgressed. Let’s see which ones.

  • The risk of excessive alcohol consumption is high;
  • generally it determines an excessive caloric intake in the face of the portions of snacks, sandwiches, olives, salted peanuts, chips, etc., very pleasant but of little nutritional value. These foods, being very tasty, further stimulate thirst and often lead to the consumption of another cocktail or another drink with consequent introduction of extra calories;
  • another critical aspect that should not be underestimated is that relating to poor storage or errors in handling the food served which can become a vehicle for infections or food poisoning. The foods most at risk are those with egg-based sauces or creams, as well as dairy products, undercooked meats, raw fish, especially if the exposure time on the counter of the restaurant lasts for more than an hour and a half / two hours. .
Happy Hour Italian Aperitif: Advantages And Risks

Some tips to not give up Happy Hour

  • Consume happy hour no more than twice a week , making sure it doesn’t become a daily habit;
  • avoid getting too hungry for happy hour; in this regard, it is recommended to enter a small snack in the middle of the afternoon;
  • preferably choose a non-alcoholic drink such as grapefruit or orange juice or pineapple or tomato juice, to which a pinch of turmeric can be added; also suitable for centrifuged vegetables or fruit; if you prefer an alcoholic drink, opt for a glass of Prosecco or a small beer or for a drink based on prosecco, orange juice, ice and fresh fruit, such as peach or strawberries;
  • avoid the consumption of foods prepared with sauces and butter ;
  • choose simple foods, little manipulated , which also have the advantage of being more adequate from a nutritional point of view;
  • prefer healthy foods such as some vegetables and dried fruit : green light to cherry tomatoes, fennel and artichoke wedges, radishes, celery sticks, carrot sticks, almonds, walnuts …;
  • instead of canapés prepared with sauces or butter or margarine, choose bruschetta prepared with quality oil such as extra virgin olive oil , or corn or grape seed and oregano, cubes of fresh tomato or grilled vegetables.
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