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11 Simple and useful shoulder exercises

Do you want quick and easy exercises? We disassemble the broom handle and use it for exercises that will be useful for the mobility of the shoulder-blade girdle and the toning of the dorsal and shoulder muscles . The grip of the hands on the stick should be shoulder-width apart, but if you are not particularly mobile, it is better to keep your hands further away from each other. To understand better, let’s start with a test, which will only be performed after adequate warm-up.

11 Simple And Useful Shoulder Exercises

Here is our test!

Grasp the stick, starting with your hands shoulder-width apart. Perform a semicirconduction with outstretched arms: start from the height of the thighs and rise upwards, until the stick falls behind the back . Then go up and return with the stick to the thighs, doing the reverse movement. During the entire performance, neither arm nor the other should bend. From time to time bring one hand to the other a few centimeters and perform the same semicirculation again.

And so again, until you understand what is the minimum distance between the hands that still allows you to perform the movement of the tense upper limbs . When you reach the limit, measure the distance between your hands: the less mobile we are, the greater the distance between your hands, and we can be satisfied if this distance is less than one meter. With training it will be possible to improve, so we may retry the test after some exercise.

Only one recommendation: some shoulder pathologies can make the test difficult. In this case it is better not to insist to avoid risking worsening the situation.

11 Simple And Useful Shoulder Exercises

And here are the exercises!

Here are some examples of movements that can be performed with the help of the stick. All exercises can be performed from standing or sitting. In the first case, pay more attention to the posture of the spine. Each exercise can be repeated at least fifteen times. NB: in every exercise the hands must always be kept on the stick.

  • Stick to the chest, perform thrusts of the stick forward ;
  • the same exercise, but pushing up ;
  • stick at the height of the thighs, bring it upwards with your arms outstretched , pushing your shoulders well back. Return to the starting position;
  • stick to the chest, extend the right arm outwards , accompanying the movement also with the rotation of the head, the same to the left;
  • stick to the chest, bring the stick up with the arms outstretched, then flexing the arms bring it behind the head , then again up and back to the chest;
  • stick behind the head, extend out the right arm , accompanying the movement with the rotation of the head to the right, the same then to the left;
  • stick up, with outstretched arms, bend your torso laterally , imagining that you have a wall behind your back, from which the latter cannot detach;
  • stick behind the lower part of the column, with the handle always shoulder-width apart and hands pointing backwards. Bring the stick up , keeping your arms outstretched, detaching it from your body, bringing one shoulder blade closer to the other in the movement;
  • stick up, arms outstretched, bring it behind your head, flexing the right arm, while the left goes along the body . Return with arms up and repeat flexing the left arm;
  • stick forward, with outstretched arms, first bring one end of the stick up , then the other.

If the exercises are performed from the standing position, keep the lower limbs apart to better balance the weight ; if they are performed seated, it is better to sit astride a chair, so as not to have obstacles behind the back. Some movements can also be performed on your back, that is, lying on your chest. In the latter case, it is better to keep the bent legs resting on the ground, to put the column in a safer condition.

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