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Exercises for a back from holiday with energy!

Often, during the holidays, we lead a more active life, thanks to the greater amount of free time, the games on the beach, perhaps the walks in the mountains; other people, on the other hand, take advantage of holidays (and sometimes high temperatures) to lead an even more sedentary life.

Whether you belong to the “active” group or to the “sedentary” group, however, returning from holidays is the right time to think about your physical shape: continue good habits on the one hand, or leave again after the sedentary period … with a simple exercise program it will be possible to keep fit and, why not, overcome the “return stress” more easily.

Back From Holiday

It is important to remember that our goal should be to give continuity to physical activity , respecting the graduality criterion without attacking the body with too high loads or with too fast execution times and without the necessary recovery times. The following working hypothesis can be tested at any age, obviously by healthy subjects. Given the persistence of the summer, it can still be done outdoors and will aim at aerobic work , alternating with general mobility and toning exercises mainly of the lower limbs. It is designed for subjects not yet trained.

It would be better if it were done in the morning, when you are physically rested from the night, of course not immediately after breakfast, but allowing at least a couple of hours to pass. If working times do not allow it, the end of the day time is also welcome, to release the stress accumulated during working hours.

By aerobic work we mean a not particularly intense physical activity, protracted over time and without interruptions, in which the heart rate does not reach the Maximum Heart Rate (the maximum HR can be calculated with the formula 220 – the age of the subject). During aerobic work, your heart rate should reach 60-70% of HR Max and should be maintained throughout your workout. Generally, in an adult subject, when the pulsations reached and maintained are between 120 and 140 per minute, we speak of aerobic training. Last recommendation: sports clothing and appropriate sports shoes are recommended .

Esercizi Per Un Rientro Dalle Vacanze Con Energia

And now we come to our exercises!

  • Walk for at least 20 minutes (possible to increase from time to time) at a sustained pace, also moving the semi-flexed upper limbs that will follow, in a coordinated way, the rhythm of the lower limbs, with a back and forth oscillation, remaining parallel and without detaching much from the bust. Aerobic work.
  • 5 minutes of long strides, combined with forward and upward leaps of the upper limbs. Aerobic work and mobilization.
  • 5 minutes of normal walking with circles of both upper limbs. Aerobic work and mobilization.
  • Standing erect, perform alternating lunges , placing your hands on the forward thigh. 20 repetitions (to perform the lunges correctly see link at the bottom of the page). Lower limbs toning.
  • From the standing position, flex one limb behind and, grasping the foot, bring it as close as possible to the buttock , while resting on the other foot. Maintain 30 seconds. Lower limbs stretch (front thigh).
  • Standing, bring the right foot forward, extend behind the left limb, keeping both feet completely flat on the ground and straight . Lower limb stretch (back leg).
  • Standing erect, lower limbs tense and united, one hand inside the other, raise the upper limbs high . Maintain 30 seconds. Lower limb and torso stretching exercise.
  • Same as above, but always keeping the upper limbs upwards, flex the torso laterally . Maintain 30 seconds per side. Torso stretch (lateral spine muscles).

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