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Coconut Oil for Hair: benefits, how to use it on dry or wet hair

Coconut oil is a vegetable oil that is extracted from the pulp of its nut. Nutrient and moisturizing, rich in fatty acids saturated as lauric acid, caprinic acid and caprylic acid, as well as mineral salts and vitamin E, this oil is well suited to various uses in the cosmetic field. In this article we will talk about the benefits that has the coconut oil on dry or wet hair and its main uses.

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The main benefits that coconut oil can bring to hair are:

  • Moisturizes the hair: when applied before shampooing, coconut oil is able to penetrate the hair shaft preventing the hair from absorbing too much water, foreseeing their dryness; (1)
  • Repair from damage: Styling products such as shampoo and conditioner, but also the UV rays of the sun, can damage hair by depriving it of the proteins it is made of, in particular keratin. Coconut oil has a chemical structure very similar to natural hair proteins, thus protecting them from hair loss. (2)
  • Relieves dandruff: coconut oil can help repair the skin barrier, which is the upper layer of the skin, as it has antimicrobial properties that prevent the presence of fungi and bacteria, thus reducing dandruff; (3)
  • Reduces frizz: coconut oil nourishes the hair and eliminates split ends giving elasticity, defining the curl and reducing frizz. For easier absorption, apply the oil to damp hair;
  • Helps hair growth: The hair becomes more brittle and tired the longer it gets longer. Coconut oil can facilitate hair growth because moisturizing it reduces breakage, protecting it from environmental damage caused by wind, sun and smog. (4)
  • Improves hair health by predicting hair loss : Thanks to the presence of saturated fatty acids and vitamin E , coconut oil is able to improve the general health of hair making it stronger and shinier, foreseeing the phenomenon of hair loss. (5)

The 3 main adjectives that characterize coconut oil are hydration, repair and protection, which make it one of the best allies for the health and well-being of your hair.


Coconut oil is particularly suitable for dry, damaged and colored hair . However, repeated use of coconut oil on coarse hair can stiffen it further, while on fine hair there is a chance that the oil will not be fully absorbed leaving it greasy and dull.

Here are some tips on how to best use coconut oil on your hair:

  • Use a small dose to start: Like all oils, coconut oil can also make your hair greasy if used too much. Therefore, we must not exceed in the doses but start with a small amount of about a teaspoon.
  • Warm it up before application: Before applying it to your hair, coconut oil needs to be heated so that it changes from solid to liquid form. Simply dissolve it in hot water or rub it in your hands. We recommend the use of our Coconut Oil Squeeze which always remains liquid at any temperature without ever solidifying.
Coconut Oil For Hair Coconut Oil Cosmetic Use Coconut Oil Hair How To Use It Coconut Oil Hair Benefits Coconut Oil For Hair Coconut Oil Hair Wrap Coconut Oil Dry Hair Coconut Oil Curly Hair Coconut Oil Hair Before And After Coconut Oil Coconut On Dry Or Wet Hair
  • Do not apply a large amount to the scalp – coconut oil may irritate the scalp and clog pores. Apply a small amount initially and see the reaction of the skin, in order to adjust the dosage.
  • Rinse your hair several times: To remove coconut oil from your hair, you may need to rinse it several times. If your hair feels heavy and greasy, apply the shampoo a second time and reduce the amount the next time you use it.
  • Use it alongside other oils: For coarse hair it may be helpful to use coconut in rotation with other oils, such as linseed oil, avocado oil and castor oil .

Don't overdo it, start with a teaspoon and see how your hair reacts. Decrease the dose if after the treatment they are too greasy, if the hair is so dry and / or damaged, increase the dose for a better result.


It can be used in small doses on dry hair as a pre-conditioner, so you can reap all the benefits. It is recommended not to use it in the morning because it takes some time to absorb it and the hair could be greasy if not fully absorbed. Then apply it in the evening and shampoo in the morning.

It can be applied to clean wet hair as a conditioning treatment, so that it absorbs the oil better, or as a hair pack as an alternative to linseed oil or to make a hair scrub.

Here are 4 ways to use coconut oil on dry or wet hair :

  1. As a conditioner: After shampooing, apply the oil to the hair and comb from the middle to the tips of the hair.
  2. As a detangler after washing : After shampooing and conditioner, rub some coconut oil into your hair with your hands as you brush it.
  3. As a hair mask: Apply the oil to dry hair and let it sit for a few hours, then rinse gently. For best results leave on overnight and rinse in the morning.
  4. As a protection before washing: Apply and rub coconut oil into your hair before washing.

Its most widespread use is as a treatment on freshly washed hair. The wrap can be done comfortably from home and the procedure is very simple:

  1. Divide the hair into sections and apply the oil to all sections making sure all hair is covered.
  2. Apply more to dry and damaged ends, while using a much smaller amount on the scalp. For fine or greasy hair avoid this area altogether as the oil will weigh down the hair too much.
  3. Leave the coconut oil on for about 20-30 minutes. For very dry and / or damaged hair, leave more time on.
Coconut Oil For Hair Coconut Oil Cosmetic Use Coconut Oil Hair How To Use It Coconut Oil Hair Benefits Coconut Oil For Hair Coconut Oil Hair Wrap Coconut Oil Dry Hair Coconut Oil Curly Hair Coconut Oil Hair Before And After Coconut Oil Coconut On Dry Or Wet Hair

Coconut oil can be used on both dry and wet hair, but we will have a greater result on wet hair where it will have the most effect. We recommend making a compress from home and applying it more on the tips.


As already mentioned at the beginning, coconut oil is suitable for curly hair because it dominates the frizz effect . Here’s how to do it:

  • Dissolve about a tablespoon of oil.
  • With your hands, massage the hair from the roots to the ends and untangle well with your fingers in order to dissolve any tangles.

The result will be well-defined and shiny curls .


Let’s summarize together the results obtained from applying coconut oil on the hair according to the type of hair:

  • Dry hair: The oil has a moisturizing effect that reduces the dryness of the hair;
  • Frizzy hair: The oil has an anti-frizz effect especially when used on damp hair;
  • Damaged hair: Repairs damage caused by nourishing the hair;
  • Curly hair: Defines the curl and reduces frizz;
  • Straight, dull hair and for all hair types: Coconut oil makes hair more shiny and silky.

Remember to pay attention to coarse hair as the oil would stiffen them further, and to apply a minimum amount on fine hair as it would risk greasing them too much if not completely absorbed.


Coconut oil can be found easily in perfumeries and supermarkets. We recommend our Virgin Coconut Oil Benvolio 1938 because it is organic, i.e. the raw material comes from crops without pesticides or fertilizers, thus obtaining a healthy and natural product without additives or preservatives. You can find it in the convenient 200 ml format or in the 500 ml jar. We also recommend our Squeeze Liquid Coconut Oil as, thanks to its composition rich in MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides), it does not solidify and remains liquid and ready to use. With the convenient measuring cap you can easily adjust the dose to be applied to your hair.


(1) Gavazzoni dias MF, Hair cosmetics: an overview , Int J Trichology, 2015

(2) Taylor C. Wallace, Health effects of coconut oil-A narrative review of current evidence , Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 2019

(3) S axena R, Mittal P, Clavaud C, et al, Longitudinal study of the scalp microbiome suggests coconut oil to enrich healthy scalp commensals , Sci Rep, 2021

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