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How to color eggs for Easter

Colored eggs are synonymous with Easter like chocolate bunnies and colorful baskets.

To help you dye your eggs follow the tips step-by-step, you will only need food coloring .

How To Color Eggs For Easter

How to paint eggs step by step

  1. After checking the raw eggs to make sure they are clean and not cracked, wash them well (this helps the dye adhere better).
  2. Then follow your favorite hard-boiled egg recipe to make the eggs for tincture.
  3. In individual cups, mix the dye, starting with 3 to 4 drops of liquid food coloring and 2 tablespoons of vinegar.
  4. Then add room temperature water to each cup so that it is no more than half.
  5. Once the eggs have cooled, soak them in the dye baths at room temperature.
  6. Simply put on a pair of disposable gloves so you can use your hands.
  7. Leave the eggs in the dye bath for at least 5 minutes, then take each egg out of the dye bath using plastic gloves.
  8. Shake lightly to remove droplets before placing it gently on a rack to cool use a baking sheet lined with absorbent paper.
  9. When the surface appears dry, use your gloved fingers to flip each egg.
  10. When the eggs appear dry all around, run the entire pan in the refrigerator for a few hours to prevent the dye from fading or transferring.
  11. When the colored eggs are completely dry, you can expose them without worrying the color will adhere perfectly to the eggs.
  12. You should refrigerate the eggs after two hours and eat them within a week of boiling.
How To Color Eggs For Easter

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