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Kitchen oil
Benvolio has always been looking for the best cooking oil to flavor your recipes.

From Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Sesame Oil: a complete line for cooking your most delicious dishes



Kitchen Line

Among the cooking oils that can be used for frying there are peanut oil and high oleic sunflower oil, two oils characterized by a high content of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and by the presence of Vitamin E which gives them a high stability at high temperatures.

In our range of cooking oils we have formulas in which these oils have been added with natural extracts of aromatic herbs, such as rosemary, sage and bay leaf , which help to enhance the stability of the product in frying, flavor the dishes and thus avoid the unpleasant smell of fried food in your kitchens.

With these oils, dry, crunchy and crumbly frying of vegetables, fish and meat, and for tempura or frying in batter are ensured .

These are perfect oils for making savory and sweet frying. Remember to always add salt and sweeten when frying is finished after removing the fry from the oil.

High oleic sunflower oil is made from sunflower seeds of the special high oleic variety.
The final composition of the oil has a predominance of oleic acid over traditional sunflower oil (rich in linoleic acid).

Cooking Oil: an exceptional base for
tasty and delicious dishes

Kitchen Line

Italian cuisine would not exist without sautéed , a preparation that creates a perfect marriage with many dishes , whether they are first, second, appetizers or side dishes. It is a cooking sauce made up of vegetables that are cooked in cooking oil, a preparation at the service of the protagonist of each dish that enhances and flavor the food. But if it is not done in a workmanlike manner, this can even ruin the success of the recipe!

Benvolio offers a wide range of cooking oil that can be used for the preparation of sautées suitable for every type of palate, from the most traditional to the most innovative:

  • Grape seed oil, sunflower oil and rice oil for the most delicate palates.
  • Extra virgin olive oil for lovers of traditional Italian cuisine with Mediterranean roots.
  • Sesame oil and rice oil for oriental and ethnic dishes.
  • Avocado oil for palates more open to novelty but at the same time delicate.


Cooking Oil: from the stove to the oven
for extraordinary creations

The third type of use of Benvolio cooking oil is the preparation of baked goods , both sweet and savory. We have Corn Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Peanut Seed Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil perfect for this. AND It is possible to make an infinite number of desserts, from biscuits to cakes, from muffins to donuts, using our oils as they are perfect to give that extra touch in terms of taste, while maintaining excellent organoleptic and nutritional qualities. Even for the salty, our oils, thanks to their versatility, make it possible to create numerous bakery products , from the simplest such as pizza dough and taralli, to slightly more complex tasty recipes such as savory pies, pretzels, appetizers, panzerotti, supplì. So by purchasing a Benvolio 1938 cooking oil you get a good, natural and healthy product , thanks to which you can experiment in the creation of countless recipes, while maintaining the silhouette  and assimilating genuine substances while having fun in the kitchen.
Kitchen Line

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