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Classic Oil Line
Every drop of Olio Classico Benvolio contains the experience, quality and passion that have accompanied the Dal Sasso family for almost a hundred years.

From Grapeseed Oil, our most historic product, to the most sought after Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Here is our proposal of Classic Oil according to a tradition that has been handed down since 1938.



Classic Oils Line

The Benvolio oil was born in Veneto in 1938 from the passion for oil that the Dal Sasso family has been handed down for almost a hundred years. This great story, combined with the continuous search for quality, guarantees a healthy, good and genuine product. In a historical context where everyone used the fruit of the vine to obtain wine, the Dal Sasso family decided to start using the grape seed, to mechanically extract the famous grape seed oil or grape seed oil. .

With several nutritional properties, both in the food and in the cosmetic field , this oil is intended for anyone who intends to maintain a healthy life with a balanced diet. The nutritional qualities of this oil are mainly due to the high content of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid of the Omega 6 series, which helps to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels, helping to keep it under control. Grapeseed oil is also considered an excellent cosmetic oil thanks to the content of polyphenols and vitamin E , which with their antioxidant properties help to delay skin aging caused by the sun and atmospheric agents.

The grape seed is the seed of the grape. The fundamental characteristic of grape seeds is the high content of polyphenols and oils. This makes them a valuable source for the production of antioxidants with a high content of polyphenols and edible oils.

The vine, a plant with a thousand uses

Grapeseed oil, or grape seed oil , is considered one of the most eco-sustainable products in the panorama of classic oil. In this process, the bunch of grapes is used in its entirety to obtain more food and non-food products.

The process, which includes the use of the bunch of grapes, starts from the pressing and subsequent fermentation of the fruit, after which the solid residue called “marc” and the seeds of the berries, called “grape seeds”, remain as a still usable part.

The marc, after a fermentation and distillation process, becomes grappa, an excellent liqueur with a strong and concentrated flavor. From the grape seeds we can obtain, by cold mechanical pressing, our grape seed oil.

However, the process does not end here, because with the residues of both processes we can still obtain two fundamental things for the sustainable process: from the pressing of the seeds we obtain a flour that will be used as a self-produced fuel that will create energy for the production processes; from the second, the pomace residues, we obtain an excellent eco-sustainable fertilizer obtained from renewable sources.

SINCE 1938

From antiquity to today:
The technology changes but not the passion

Since 1938 the Dal Sasso family, founder of Benvolio 1938, has used mechanical production methods , which recall past processing techniques, in order to maintain all the main benefits and nutrients of its leading products. Obviously the processes change with the passage of time, the technologies are modernized and updated, speeding up the processes, always maintaining the same processing method (cold mechanical extraction). As already present in our philosophy, our company aims to be the common thread between what we were and what we can be. We do not forget the traditions but we make them meet and convey with new technologies to always offer cutting-edge products, preserving the genuine quality of when we started.

Classic Oils Line

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