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Is Linseed Oil Beneficial for Your Hair?

Linseed Oil

Discover the secrets of linseed oil for hair health with Benvolio, experts in seed oils since 1938. An article rich in information, tips, and scientific references to understand the benefits of this natural product.

At the heart of tradition and innovation, Benvolio has been committed to producing high-quality organic seed oils since 1938. One of the jewels in our collection is linseed oil, known for its countless benefits. This article is aimed at those curious to discover the effectiveness of Linseed oil for hair care, offering a detailed and scientifically supported analysis.

What is Linseed Oil?

Linseed oil is a natural product extracted from the mature seeds of the flax plant (Linum usitatissimum). This plant, cultivated since ancient times for its fibers and seeds, is valued for its multiple applications, both in the food sector and in cosmetics and medicine. The oil, in particular, is obtained through a cold pressing process of the seeds, which preserves all its nutritional properties. The result is an oil rich in essential fatty acids, especially alpha-linolenic acid, a type of omega-3, making it a valuable dietary supplement and an effective ally for skin and hair care.[1]

From a nutritional standpoint, linseed oil is a concentrate of benefits. It is rich not only in omega-3 fatty acids but also in omega-6 and omega-9, which make it a powerful natural anti-inflammatory and a great support for the cardiovascular system. It also contains lignans, which have antioxidant properties and may play a role in preventing certain types of cancer. The presence of vitamin E makes it a powerful antioxidant, useful for counteracting the action of free radicals and promoting the health of the skin and hair.

Flaxseed Oil
Linseed Oil

Benefits of Linseed Oil for Hair

Linseed oil offers several advantages for hair health:
Improves Strength and Elasticity: The essential fatty acids in this oil, particularly alpha-linolenic acid (a type of omega-3), play a crucial role in strengthening hair. These nutrients penetrate the hair cortex, improving its internal structure and thus increasing its resistance. [2]
Hydrates the Scalp: it is an effective moisturizer for the scalp. Dryness and flaking of the scalp can be caused by various factors, such as climate changes, hormonal imbalances, or the use of harsh products. Flaxseed oil, with its essential fatty acids, helps to restore the hydric balance, reducing dryness and preventing flaking.
Reduces Thinning and Hair Loss: The essential fatty acids in this oil support blood circulation in the scalp. Good circulation is essential for transporting nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, crucial elements for hair health and growth.
Adds Shine: The luminous and healthy appearance of hair is another important benefit. This oil, when applied to the hair, creates a protective layer that reflects light, giving an immediate and natural shine. Additionally, the nourishment provided by the oil improves the overall health of the hair, making it more vibrant and visually healthy.

Linseed Oil on Curly Hair

Curly hair derives particular benefits from Linseed oil:

Hydration: The oil helps counteract the typical dryness of curly hair[3]. Thanks to its richness in essential fatty acids, Linseed oil plays a crucial role in deeply hydrating the hair. When applied, it penetrates the hair fiber, providing lasting hydration and preventing dryness.

Strength and Elasticity: Fragility is a common problem in curly hair, often caused by chemical treatments, excessive heat, or simply the lack of adequate hydration. Linseed oil helps to counter these factors. The unique composition of this oil, enriched with omega-3, nourishes the internal structure of the hair, improving its strength and elasticity.

Shine and Health: One of the most common desires for those with curly hair is to achieve a luminous and defined mane. Linseed oil is an excellent ally in this respect. It provides a natural shine to the hair, reflecting light and enhancing the definition of the curls. Moreover, the fatty acids and vitamin E present in flaxseed oil protect the hair from external environments and oxidative damage, keeping the hair healthy and vibrant.

Scalp Health: A healthy scalp is the foundation for the growth of healthy hair. With its nourishing and antioxidant properties, also provides significant benefits to the scalp. Vitamin E, in particular, helps protect the scalp skin from damage caused by free radicals and external aggressions, such as pollution and UV rays. [4]

Olio Di Semi Di Lino

Linseed Oil for Hair

Application of Linseed Oil for Hair:


  • Preparation of Linseed Oil:
    Heat the Linseed oil slightly to increase its effectiveness. You can do this by placing a small amount of oil in a heatproof bowl and soaking it in hot water for a few minutes. The oil should be warm, not hot, to avoid damage to the scalp.
  • Application on the entire scalp:
    Start by dividing your hair into sections for easier application. Apply the warm oil directly to the scalp with your fingertips or with the help of a dropper for a more precise application. Gently massage your scalp in circular motions for a few minutes. This helps stimulate blood circulation, increasing the effectiveness of the oil
  • Distribution Along the Hair:
    Apply a small amount of flaxseed oil to the lengths and ends of your hair. You can use a wide-toothed comb to evenly distribute the oil. Focus particularly on the ends, which are often the most damaged and driest.
  • Positioning Time:
    Leave the oil on your hair for at least 30 minutes. For a more intensive treatment, you can leave it on for a few hours or even overnight. To maximize the benefits, cover your hair with a shower cap or wrap it in a warm towel. The heat helps the oil penetrate deeper.
  • Wash:
    After the exposure time, wash your hair with a mild shampoo, preferably sulfate-free, to remove oil. You may need to do more than one wash to completely remove the oil. Follow with a light conditioner to add extra hydration.
  • Application Frequency:
    For best results, apply flaxseed oil once a week or as needed for your hair type.


Remember to always test on a small area of ​​skin or scalp before a full application, to ensure you do not have any allergic reactions.
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Benvolio Is Linseed Oil Beneficial For Your Hair?


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